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Featured Artists for The Appetizer

"These are some of the featured artists that The Appetizer has connected with and built a relationship with over the years. Artists we speak and connect with are called Appetizer artists. Be on the lookout for more artists in the future."
Lindsay Katt

In a place where unusual things are found beautiful, and people are brave enough to tell one other the truth, Lindsay Katt can and will always be found. Pointing out the not so obvious, and weaving her stories of the world, she is sure to seep her music into the land pop and win them over. Lindsay's music has been Featured on MTV's "The Real World" "Teen Mom" ABC's "Castle" music videos on LOGO and films like "Sneakers& Soul."

D Grant found Lindsay’s vibrant sound refreshing in 2005, when she had just posted some demo songs on her myspace.  He sent a request for her songs and we’ve been linked with her since.  Lindsay’s track “Heart Place” is the theme song of The Appetizer.  We maintain a strong connection with her, featuring her in countless programs and interviews over the years.  More information on Lindsay at www.lindsaykatt.com

William Fitzsimmons

Born the youngest child of two blind parents, William was raised in the outskirts of the steel city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Due to the family's inability to communicate through normal visual means, William's childhood home was filled with a myriad of sounds to replace what eyes could not see. By the completion of his youth and schooling, Fitzsimmons had become well-versed at a variety of instruments, at the minor expense of social standing, interactional skills, and a knowledge of proper shaving technique.

Fitzsimmons' path into music was likewise unusual, forsaking the hobby for many years to work with the mentally ill and pursue an education in the field of mental health. After finally achieving his goal of becoming a practicing therapist, William left, and returned again to his love of crafting and playing songs. He felt that is where he most belonged. Somewhere between a singing therapist, and a counselor who writes songs, is where Fitzsimmons endeavors to be.

William draws from those early folks stylings of his mother's music, and the embellished instrumentation of his father's. His first two records were completely self-produced and his new album, "The Sparrow And The Crow," produced by Marshall Altman at Galt Line Studios in Los Angeles, is his first studio recorded work. While his lyricism deals often with darker undertones (his most recent album is said to have been written following his own divorce), a measure of hopefulness is always carefully blended in. Even with his short tenure as a songwriter, William has already received mention in noted publications such as Billboard, Paste Magazine, and Performing Songwriter Magazine, and his music has been featured on several television programs such as "Grey's Anatomy" and "Army Wives."
William is a regular guest on The Appetizer, having been interviewed yearly since 2006.  His music is also a constant feature on the show. More information can be found at www.williamfitzsimmons.com

Bess Rogers

Her mother played the harpsichord and recorders in early music groups. Her father built those harpsichords, and she began learning to play them at only six years old. A few years later, when most kids were fretting about acne, voice-cracks, and the other ills of puberty, Bess was writing her first songs. And she hasn’t stopped. She went on to earn her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Studio Composition from SUNY Purchase’s renowned Conservatory of Music. She moved to Brooklyn and became a regular in the New York scene, playing at The Knitting Factory, The Living Room, Pianos, and Southpaw, to name a few. In addition to her solo work, Bess plays guitar for such up-and-coming artists as Jenny Owen Youngs and Ingrid Michaelson, and is a member of synth/pop band, The Age of Rockets.
Bess has been featured in interviews, podcasts, and countless episodes of our program.  More information can be found at www.myspace.com/bessrogers

Elliott Park

His songs are simple, approachable “paintings” of life and love. Many have tried to assign his music to a specific genre,  but as Elliott puts it – his genre is “Life”. With lyrics that dance between melancholy and the unabashed joys of living, and his knack for marrying layman’s wisdom with contagious melody, Elliott has earned much respect in Nashville and beyond.    

In 2006, his song “I Loved Her First,” recorded by Heartland, hit #1 on Billboard and R&R Magazines, propelling him into an elite circle of hit writers. Although he continues to make frequent trips to Nashville to write with some of today’s top writers and artists, Elliott has chosen to remain in Texas in order to stay in touch with what he calls his “real life inspiration”.

Elliott lives in a small West Texas town with his wife Pam and their four children. He works as a graphic artist and also owns a recording studio (Fly Boy Music Company). He enjoys serving on the local school board, coaching Little League, running sound for his church… and of course writing songs.

Elliott serves as producer in his studio Flyboy Music Company, which collaborates with The Appetizer for in-studio recording sessions with other featured artists like The Rocketboys.  He is also handy with welding equipment, being the craftsman behind our Golden Fork Award trophies (only 3 exist) owned by Iron & Wine, The Rocketboys and Hannah and the Bloodlines.  More information can be found at www.elliottpark.net and www.flyboystudio.com
Jerzy Jung

“I make music because it is the most powerful and pure form of expression I know of.  I believe that everyone has the power to continually evolve. I think of my songs as small sonic snapshots from all of the journeys I see happening around me - including my own.” –Jerzy Jung

It's also been said that I write "surprisingly powerful, yet evocative, musings on life and individuality. Possessing an intense vocal laden with strength and sincerity, Jung succeeds in finding influence in just about anything life cares to throw at her and masterfully pens songs that reflect the thoughts and beliefs of her audience. A revered live performer, Jung cites Zero 7 and Annie Lennox as just some of her more recognisable musical influences, managing all the while to capture a little token of each in creating her own infectious indie-pop sound.

Jerzy has done phone interviews and been featured several times on episodes of The Appetizer since 2008.  More information can be found at www.myspace.com/jerzyjung

Citizen Cope

Not fitting into one or even two categories of music, Clarence Greenwood, aka Citizen Cope, is an outside-the-box style music that is drawing new listeners to his style and songwriting.  Not only does his music sound different than most of what’s out there, his songwriting taps into new ground with tracks about tragedy and perspectives on life not often looked at.

Greenwood has recorded four studio albums, collaborated with Santana, Dido, and Nelly Furtado, and tours the country when not recording. In 2010, The Appetizer interviewed Greenwood while on tour.  More information available at www.citizencope.com

Hannah & The Bloodlines

Still a budding band, Hannah & The Bloodlines have already proven themselves to be an asset to the New England music scene. A band that has excelled in the studio, and have taken it to a whole other level live can easily accomplish this toilsome task. Combining the catchiness and marketability of pop, the control and intricacy of a jazz group, and the edge and attitude of a rock band, The Bloodlines are in a class of their own. Each member is so remarkable and unique in his or her own right, Hannah Sumner, Stephen Gaspar, Jeremy Vovcsko, Ryan Broderick, and Cory Sterling set this band miles apart from their competition.

Even though they have only existed for a few years, The Bloodlines contribution to music can already be considered to be rebellious, extreme, and even seditious. “We’re playing what comes naturally to us. I have orchestrated parts for each song, but its always up to our (The Bloodlines) interpretation” Ryan says. Their fans might not number into the millions just yet, but make no mistake, there are fans, and they consider The Bloodlines to be their musical outlet, and they will fight for them. They are a band that takes no prisoners at their live show, and that you can listen to over and over again at home – and you’ll want to! That’s something you can’t always find in today’s music scene. The album reveals secrets that can only be noticed with numerous listens, but you won’t mind spending time to discover them.
Hannah Sumner has done interviews with The Appetizer and been featured several times on the show.  More information can be found at www.myspace.com/hannahandthebloodlines

Runaway Dorothy

Hailing from the foothills of North Carolina, Runaway Dorothy specialize in honesty through their songs while keeping it simple and delivering them with more heart than most musicians today. Tracks like "Takes A Lot of Love" and "Too Young", broadcast the aforementioned statement loud and clear.

Growing up in the South, Runaway Dorothy absorbed the sounds of country music and the folk songs of their parents, and time would expand their musical palate to include some of the great European/UK bands. The result is a unique combination of American songwriting set to a backdrop of European textures. If you didn't know any better you'd swear you've known them all your life. Their songs are your songs, and their stories are your stories. It's as if your best friend has put your life to music and is now singing it just for you.

The Arc, the bands debut full length album, is filled with heartfelt tunes through the melancholy voice of David Parnell. If you were to compare him with some other notable singers, it is easy to say he is a combination of the Dylan's [Bob and Jakob].
Runaway Dorothy has become a regular feature on The Appetizer since 2009, including interviews, podcasts, and other items.  More information can be found at www.runawaydorothy.com

Micah P. Hinson

An indie rock artist who has sold out performances all over Europe, Micah is a Texas resident.  A long time friend of The Appetizer’s D Grant Smith, Micah has several studio albums and is signed to Sketchbook Records in the UK and Jade Tree Records in the US. Being a restless teenage skater with no direction in life can weigh heavily on the soul. Getting through it in the relative isolation of Abilene, Texas, is no easy accomplishment. This is where songwriter Micah P. Hinson found himself not long ago. Feeling stranded on the sidelines of one of life's bleak, dusty byways, Hinson turned to music, self recording earnest if not immaculate four-track demos of his compositions. His craft, now lauded by everyone from Mojo, Rockpile, Time Out and NME, may well have never left Abilene. When Hinson nonchalantly passed on one of his demos to some friends in the Earlies, they were shocked to find this unassuming 18-year-old had wrought such weathered poetry. Their praise was only the beginning. A mix of ethereal gloom and dusty folk places his alt-country musings squarely on par with Bright Eyes, Lambchop, the Sadies or Wilco. A routine addition to countless "Best Of" lists, Hinson's debut, Micah P. Hinson and the Gospel of Progress, won him national acclaim in 2004. The following year, his early recordings were given a proper release under the title The Baby and the Satellite. Tours followed with the young artist opening for kindred spirits like Will Oldham, Calexico and Iron & Wine. These days, Hinson's situation is anything but obscure, even when he is back in Abilene. More information on Micah can be found at www.micahphinson.com

The Rocketboys

Another hit act that originated in the Key City, The Rocketboys got their start while students at Abilene Christian University.  Since, they’ve relocated to Austin, TX and made waves in alternative and indie music, including a performance at Austin City Limits. 

Described by The Austin American-Statesman as showing “a mastery of mood and subtlety” and complimenting singer Brandon Kinder’s soaring melodies with “clear, ringing guitars and full-bodied keyboard arrangements, hard-driving drum lines and well-practiced transitions between calm and controlled chaos."

The Rocketboys have been featured on The Appetizer in studio sessions recorded at Elliott Park’s Flyboy Music Company, as well as concerts in Abilene.  They are the owners of one of the only three Golden Fork Trophies in existence, from their big win in 2009.  More information can be found at www.myspace.com/rocketboys

Abigail Washburn

A sound that combines tradition American folk and bluegrass with the traditional music of China, Washburn is a student of music and language.  Fluent in Mandarin Chinese allows her to write in both languages, and her study of Chinese culture adds more depth to an already diverse and talented songwriter. 
In December 2008, Abigail served as a resident teacher at the Sichuan University Art School teaching traditional US music. In the hours after school was finished, she volunteered for Sichuan Quake Relief performing at earthquake relocation schools. The experience with the students and teachers after the performances left her wanting to do something to help.

In early March, 2009, Abigail had the idea to create Afterquake, a benefit EP in memory of the May 12, 2008 Sichuan Earthquake which left more than 5 million people homeless and hundreds of thousands dead. Abigail and The Shanghai Restoration Project united again to go to Sichuan Province, to the relocation schools and into the disaster zone to capture the voices of those affected by the earthquake and sample sounds from the schools and the disaster zone. They sampled, recorded and produced Afterquake in two and a half weeks in Sichuan province. The final result is a beautiful, timeless, intelligent and accessible musical document that blends folk and electronic sounds with post-earthquake samples. A portion of all proceeds will go to the Sichuan Quake Relief organization.

Whether playing her banjo, or producing an electronic album, there is an undeniable element of Abigail Washburn in every project she embraces. Abigail's spirit and philosophy translate from language to language and bind countries, cultures and genres.
Abigail has been featured in interviews and podcasts with The Appetizer.  More information can be found at www.abigailwashburn.com

Ingrid Michaelson

Whether you know it or not, you’ve heard Ingrid’s music, probably several times. She’s a New York-based indie-pop singer-songwriter best known for her single "The Way I Am." Her music has been featured in episodes of several popular television shows, including Scrubs, Bones, Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill,  as well as in Old Navy's Fall 2007 Fair Isle advertising campaign.

While at Binghamton University she was a member of the Binghamtonics, a co-ed acappella group. Her time at Binghamton is mentioned in the song "The Hat." She grew up doing a musical theater group called "Kids On Stage". Later in life, she became a director until she decided to pursue her career in music.

Ingrid has a thriving indie music career, including four studio albums, collaborations with Sara Bareilles, William Fitzsimmons, Joshua Radin and more.  She’s been featured on countless episodes of The Appetizer, a phone interview, podcasts and more.  You can get more information on her at www.ingridmichaelson.com

Rosi Golan

Rosi Golan is an Israeli born singer songwriter who has made many stops in her travels, including Germany, Paris, and finally ending up in Los Angeles at the age of nine, where she grew up. During her travels, she not only managed to hone her infectiously melodic songwriting, but also learned to speak three languages fluently: French, Hebrew and English.

In the past few years, Rosi has worked with a number of acclaimed writers and producers from all over the world, including Jeff Cohen, Boots, Richard Cuason, Nate Campany, Tim Gordine, Richard Lobb, William Fitzsimmons and others.

But its her continuing collaboration with singer/songwriter Jamie Hartman (Ben’s Brother) that has yielded numerous songs, including the single “Let Me Out.”  The song was recently featured on an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Her music is also found in the romantic film “Dear John.”
Rosi has been featured in interviews, podcasts and several episodes of The Appetizer.  More information can be found at www.rosigolan.com