The Best Bluetooth Speaker With Radio in 2020

Bluetooth is such a handy invention that you may forget life before it if you were a ’90s kid or younger. The ability to connect your device to wireless headphones, speakers, or your car gives you quite a bit of freedom. Not to mention, Bluetooth is so convenient.

One cool Bluetooth purchase to consider is a speaker that has Bluetooth built-in. Whether you need one for a party, a camping trip, or a backyard barbecue, a Bluetooth speaker can improve the event. You and your friends can connect to the Bluetooth speaker with ease and blast some of your favorite tunes.

But sometimes, you want to be a little old-fashioned and listen to the radio. Those cheesy commercials, hearing music you may not have discovered otherwise, and the crackling as you change stations are just some things that modern tech can’t replicate.

Or perhaps you’re going camping in a place that doesn’t have a cell phone signal, and you forgot to bring tunes with you. A Bluetooth speaker with FM radio can pick up radio signals and keep the music going.

That’s why there are Bluetooth speakers with FM radio. These can enhance your experience no matter where you are. With that said, what are the best Bluetooth speakers? Let’s look at several.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Bluetooth Speaker With Radio?

Looking for the best Bluetooth speakers with FM radio can be easier if you know what you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at several factors to consider beforehand.


First, let’s focus on the Bluetooth aspect of these speakers. You may think Bluetooth speakers are all created equal, but not always. For one thing, these devices can have a Bluetooth transmitter, receiver, or both. A Bluetooth transmitter allows the speaker to play on other devices, like Bluetooth headphones. You probably don’t need that, but you might. The receiver, which all Bluetooth speakers should have, allows you to play music off your device to the speaker.

In addition, you want one with a strong Bluetooth connection. If there is lag, it can ruin your experience. If there is a low maximum range between the device and your speakers for Bluetooth use, that can be a problem too.

Finally, you want Bluetooth that is easy to set up. Most speakers will be easy, but some Bluetooth speakers can be a little stubborn.

Sound Quality

Another thing you need to look for when purchasing a Bluetooth speaker with an FM radio is how good the sound quality is. Does it have full stereo sound? Can it boost the bass if you so wish? Does it have surround sound? These are just some questions you want to ask yourself if you want to find the best sound quality.

There are quite a few Bluetooth speakers that manage to have great sound quality even though they are portable. You might be surprised.

Max Volume

Besides sound quality, you may wonder how loud it can get. If you’re listening by your lonesome, you probably don’t want something too loud. However, if you’re at a party, you may want something with loud stereo sound that can get people listening.


Not all Bluetooth speakers are meant to be portable. For example, we have a Bose one in our list, which is more designed to be at home. However, most will use Bluetooth speakers as portable devices. A portable speaker should be lightweight and easy to carry. Whether you’re taking it out to your backyard or on a camping trip, make sure your portable speaker is, well, portable.


If you are buying a portable speaker, this means that you’re going to need a battery. While some Bluetooth speakers may use the traditional AA or AAA batteries, many of them will have a lithium battery that you can recharge, typically through USB charging.

With its USB charging cable, you need to make sure the cable is long enough and can work for your situation. With USB charging, you also need to consider how long it will take before it’s ready to go, and if you can keep the speaker going while it’s charging.

Most kinds of Bluetooth FM radio speaker will have a USB charging time of about 3 hours, give or take. This can also depend on if it’s being used while charging. Your USB charging time may be reduced if you’re using an off brand cord, or if the cord has some damage to it. If you feel like your FM radio speaker isn’t USB charging as well as it should, or seems to have poorer battery life, see if it’s your cord that’s the problem.

Finally, battery life. The battery life can vary depending on how often you use it and what features you have turned on or off, but in general, you want one that has a battery life of 8 hours or so.

With battery life, many speakers will say it has “up to” a certain amount. This means that if you run the speaker with the most power-saving settings, you may get that much. However, louder volume, Bluetooth connections, and colder weather can decrease battery life. For example, let’s say you buy a Bluetooth speaker that has a whopping 15 hours of battery life. Well, those 15 hours can be cut in half if you’re blasting at max volume, and those 15 hours could be even less if you have several devices connected to it. Meanwhile, if you are being economic but have the volume a little up, it may last 12 hours.

When you have a big event going on like a party, be sure to charge it fully beforehand and check the battery life regularly. That way, you can keep the party going.


If you are buying a portable Bluetooth speaker, it needs to be as durable as possible. When going camping, or even moving it to your backyard, there is always a possibility of your dropping the wireless speaker or doing something else to damage the speaker.

Some speakers will have shockproof durability, preventing it from being damaged due to minor drops. Other speakers may be waterproof, being able to stay immersed in water for a long while. These work well for showers, or for when you’re outside and there’s a surprise storm.

We should probably mention that no Bluetooth speaker is truly completely destruction-proof. There are some Bluetooth speakers that are more durable than others, of course, but even the toughest may break if you drop it off a cliff. A shockproof speaker means that if your butterfingers self drops it, then it should be fine. Or if you have it on a table and someone knocks it over, it should still work.

Same applies with waterproof. A waterproof speaker can handle a shower, some rain, or if you accidentally drop it in the toilet while jamming to your favorite songs in the bathroom. However, it can’t be underwater forever.

With anything, you shouldn’t test its durability to the max. Instead, you should treat it normally and be glad it still works, should there be an accident where you accidentally drop it.

Radio Capabilities

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker with FM radio, it needs to be able to play a radio signal. In addition, you should look for one with a strong receptor. Nothing is more disappointing than trying to get a local station and you get nothing but static.

Some speakers have presets as well. This means you can access your favorite stations with a one-touch sweep of your hands.

A Bluetooth speaker that has a more traditional radio design may come with an antenna so you can listen to some music with a weaker signal. Meanwhile, the more portable radio Bluetooth speakers may come with an antenna built-in. This may mean that its receptive ability isn’t as strong, but some may surprise you.

Finally, some types of radio speaker only have FM radio. Sometimes, you may want AM radio. These tend to have weird talk stations, after all. Be sure you buy a speaker that has all the types of radio you need. Minus satellite radio, of course. We’ve yet to find one with that.


Some of the best Bluetooth speakers also include a remote. Some of them let you use the phone as the remote, but if you just want a traditional remote, these Bluetooth speakers should have them. With a remote, you also need to be mindful of what battery it uses.

With any remote, you also need to think of a good place to keep it. Do not leave it in an area where people can lose it. One idea, when you are traveling, is to put the radio speaker and the remote in the same area. That way, you can have easy access.

Hands Free Control

Some types of radio speaker will have hands free control. This usually means they are voice activated. This usually applies to your home speaker that can connect with Alexa or another device that allows you to perform a hands free action.

This is great for when you have your speaker in a spot where it’s a little inconvenient to travel and grab it. You can change your songs or perform other tasks with ease.

Physical Media Capabilities

The best Bluetooth speaker may have more ways to play music than just Bluetooth. Some of the best Bluetooth speakers also include places to put a CD inside, or they support a USB drive or other type of memory card. These especially apply to bigger units, which may have more than a smaller wireless speaker.

While it’s great to play music off your phone, sometimes, it’s good to be able to play from a flash drive or CD. Especially if you are in an area with poor cell and FM radio service. You can keep the music going no matter what.

File Support

If they are capable of playing physical media, you need to make sure it can play the right files. For example, if you are an audiophile, you may want to play your music in FLAC or another lossless format for the best sound quality possible, but not all players can support that. Make sure that the Bluetooth speaker with FM radio supports the files you want to play.

Aux Input

If the device you want to play music off of doesn’t have Bluetooth or you are trying to conserve battery, consider looking for a Bluetooth speaker with an aux input. This way, you can connect both without having to pair with Bluetooth.

Also, Bluetooth can be a little uncooperative sometimes. That’s when you get an FM radio speaker that has an Aux cord. While it can be an extra hassle, having that option just works for some people.


Some people just want a Bluetooth FM radio speaker that works well enough. However, others may like one of a certain appearance. For example, while many will be fine with a black one, maybe you want one that is a little more colorful? Maybe there’s a specific size or shape that appeals to you?

There are some types of FM radio Bluetooth speaker that look like something from the past, but with all the conveniences of modern technology.

Dual Pairing

Some speakers come with this ability. Let’s say you’re having a big party. Chances are, one speaker may not be enough. You need two of them. That’s where dual pairing comes in. This allows you to pair with a second speaker to listen to your favorite tunes in a full range with great sound. Sometimes, it’s worth it to buy two speakers if you want more range. Not to mention, some speakers even come in a two pack.


There are some speakers that have a microphone or have microphone capabilities. If you want to have a karaoke night, this may be something you want to look into. Rock the mic, or at least try to rock it.


You want to buy a product from people who stand by what they sell. Therefore, it makes sense that you want to buy a Bluetooth speaker with FM that has a 1 year warranty or more. This means that if something happens to it, be it the sound quality or something else, you can get it repaired or replaced for free.

Of course, if you order your Bluetooth speaker with FM radio on Amazon, you do get a 30-day return. However, plenty of speakers can break down between a month and a year, so having a warranty is always important.


Finally, you want to buy a Bluetooth speaker that fits within your budget and your needs. For example, if you’re someone who doesn’t need crystal clear sound quality and you’re not going to bring out the Bluetooth speaker all the time, maybe you should go with a cheaper one. However, if you have extra money, are going to use the device a lot, and love crystal clear sound quality, go with a more expensive unit.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Top Bluetooth Speaker with Radio

We picked from a variety of portable Bluetooth speakers with FM radio, from those with a portable speaker to those that are best for home use. We looked at several factors from sound quality to USB charging. Finally, we read the reviews. Products that had 4.5 stars or more were prioritized. Anyway, on with the list.

#1: Sony Portable Bluetooth Digital Turne (Best Value – All-Purpose)

The first in our list of best Bluetooth speakers has to be something that most people will love. After some research, we believe that this one should be #1, as it has that right balance. It’s portable, but not too small. It has powerful speakers. Besides Bluetooth, it also has many other ways to play music.

First, it plays CDs, which is quite nice if you have some old ones lying around. It even works with CD-R and CD-RW. Besides that, you can play music through its USB port. You can also record music to it and save it to a flash drive on the USB port as well.

Its radio capabilities are quite nice, and it even has 30 preset stations if you want to use them – 20 for FM, and 10 for AM. If you love listening to the radio, this combines the classic radio with some modern features, like Bluetooth connectivity.

Now, let’s discuss battery life. This Bluetooth speaker is a little old-fashioned, as it uses C batteries you have to buy. However, they should last you for quite a while, with up to 26 hours of battery life. You should carry an extra pair of batteries when you’re camping or at a party. Never overestimate the battery life. As we said, there are several factors that can change that.

Finally, the sound. It has a rich bass sound quality that should satisfy most people looking for a portable speaker. It’s not the most advanced radio speaker, but it does have good sound quality.

Overall, this is one of the best Bluetooth speakers for most people. With a USB input, Bluetooth connectivity, and classic radio, it should satisfy most people. Reviews seem to agree. Most say that it’s a convenient little speaker/radio setup, with easy Bluetooth connectivity and rich stereo sound. Others say that it doesn’t have as many presets as advertised, or they got duds. However, these people are in the minority.

#2: Bose Wave Soundtouch (Best Bluetooth Speaker)

When it comes to luxury speakers, the first brand that may come to mind is Bose. Bose provides speakers with rich sound, making it a beloved product for audiophiles everywhere. Their products can be a little pricey, but if you want the best Bluetooth speaker with FM radio, you can’t go wrong choosing Bose.

The problem is that a lot of Bose Bluetooth speakers don’t have FM radio, even if they appear in the search results. You need to be careful when looking for Bose products. Luckily, this one does have radio. It’s not cheap, but if you have the money and want the best quality, here you go.

Before we describe its features, we should mention that this isn’t the best wireless speaker with FM radio if you need something portable. You need an outlet for this, so you don’t want to take it on your camping trip. Though, why would you want to risk damaging this expensive baby?

This speaker will fill your room, or your backyard with sound, and it works with most audio formats – even the lossless ones like FLAC and Apple. Whether you’re listening to an album or want to jam out to some classic rock on the radio, this speaker will provide. If you want to listen to a CD, or listen to your digital music collection, this can provide as well.

It has all the modern conveniences too. You can connect it to WiFi, or use its Bluetooth connection in order to play music off another device. This Bluetooth speaker also connects with Alexa, so you can talk to it whenever you want to play a certain song as well. Connecting to services like Spotify is easy as well.

Being a device that is expensive, you better hope its reviews are positive. Luckily, they are. This speaker has good reviews, with most people praising its clear sound quality and powerful speakers with FM radio. Some people didn’t like how you had to use the remote to play the CDs, or its lack of Bluetooth headphone support, but besides those who got duds, complaints were in the minority.

Overall, this is one of the best Bluetooth speakers with FM radio if you want a powerful speaker for your home. It’s not a portable speaker, so you may want to buy this in conjunction with a portable Bluetooth speaker. However, if you want a rich radio speaker with the best digital stereo sound possible, this is the highest quality speaker on the market that we could find. If you can afford it, then go for it.

#3: Retro Bluetooth Speaker (Best Retro Style)

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One thing we gotta love is a modern twist on something retro. For example, a car that is 1960s on the outside, but 2020 on the inside. This radio has that same energy. It looks like a radio your grandparents listened to while sharing a rootbeer float at the soda parlor, but it has all the modern conveniences of a modern speaker.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that this speaker has a nostalgic pink color, along with some vintage dials to adjust the volume and the radio station, which is displayed through a classic clockface style. While some people may prefer a digital reading so they know what the exact station numbers are, this is quite nice as well.

Another modern convenience it has is the rechargeable battery. It can go up to 8 hours, meaning you can rock around the clock for quite a while. It’s not 12 hours, but it should last long enough.

One modern convenience of this Bluetooth speaker is the fact that it has rich sound for a low price. It doesn’t have that crackly 1950s radio sound, so you can still enjoy the golden oldies like never before.

Whether it’s for a grandparent or someone who likes the aesthetics of the 1950s, this Bluetooth speaker is awesome. Reviews seem to agree. Most say it’s a great little Bluetooth speaker and FM radio that is more than just a gimmick. It’s surprisingly powerful in regards to sound quality and is able to pick up signals quite well.

People who gave it negative reviews either got duds, or they didn’t like its small size. While it’s not as big as a real 1950s radio, it has more punch, so consider that as well.

Overall, this is a fun little Bluetooth radio speaker with good rechargeable battery life. As we said, it’s more than just a gimmick. It’s a great little station that your family will love, and we think it’ll last you a long time.

#4: Audiioo Speaker (Best Low Cost)

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If you need a portable Bluetooth speaker and you don’t have much to spend, this is for you. A few years ago, finding a good portable Bluetooth speaker for under $20 was an impossible task, but nowadays, it’s possible.

This is also a great speaker if you want to go on a camping trip or go to another area where you may damage the speaker. Or if you need a backup in case your main Bluetooth speaker works well.

One reason for that is because this speaker is durable. It claims to be dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof. With its waterproof option, it claims to be able to have 30 minutes of immersion and still come out working. This makes it great for showers, provided that you don’t take long ones. If you knock it down, you can also be assured that will still work.

Besides that, this product seemingly has good sound. It has Bluetooth 4.2, along with 3D sound and noise cancelling to deliver clear sound quality. It also has an FM radio and the ability to play music off TF cards, better known as MicroSD.

Being a portable Bluetooth speaker, it has to have a long lasting battery. This lasts up to 12 hours, and it recharges in about 3 hours, making it ideal for most backyard gatherings.

Reviews are positive, with most people saying that this is the best Bluetooth speaker with FM radio if you want one on the cheap. Most were pleasantly surprised by what it can do. There were some reviewers who said the speaker stopped working after a little while, and that it was a “get what you paid for” product, but these were in the minority.

At the end of the day, this is still a speaker under $20. If you need a little backup, this may be the best for you. Overall, it’s a cheap little radio speaker, but it’s one that has quite a bit of power to it. While a cheapie may not give you the most power, sound, or battery life, these can work well in a pinch. There’s no shame in not having the best speaker around. Your finances always come first.

#5: Xeneo X21 (Best Small Speaker)

When it comes to a portable speaker with FM radio, the term “portable” is subjective. Some people may think of it as a medium-size speaker you can easily carry and take to the backyard. Meanwhile, some people want a small speaker – something they can fit in the palm of their hand but has much more audio power than their phones.

This speaker is one of those that’s the latter. It fits in the palm of your hand, allowing you to fit in smaller spaces. Be it your shower, dorm room, or another tiny space, this Bluetooth speaker with FM radio is easy to carry around.

Its audio has a crystal clear, beautiful sound quality, and includes a rich bass sound. Because of its cylinder shape, it can project sound from all directions, making it quite ambient.

We mentioned that this speaker is good for the shower. This is because it’s weatherproof and is able to handle shocks. Since it is a travel speaker, you do want something that can handle the trials and tribulations of travel, and this one does so.

Besides having a Bluetooth signal of 100 feet in range, this speaker also has Aux input, meaning you can connect more devices. It even includes dual pairing, and you can buy a two-pack if you so wish. It’s slightly cheaper than buying two singles.

Finally, let’s discuss battery life. It has a micro USB port, meaning it uses USB charging. This Bluetooth speaker has a battery life of up to 10 hours, meaning that it should last you for most situations.

With a yearlong warranty and as much tech support as possible, this is the best Bluetooth speaker if you want something truly portable. Reviews have been quite positive. Most say that it’s a powerful little Bluetooth speaker with FM radio that has some great sound quality for the price and size. Many people love its durability, its ease of use, and above all else, its portability.

Some negative reviews exist, but these mostly concern people who got duds right out of the gate. The company does seem to respond to all negative reviews in order to make it right, so that is a plus.

Overall, this is the best Bluetooth speaker if you want something that is truly small. With that, these are the top 5 Bluetooth speakers you should check out if you have the chance. Next to your phone, this is a speaker that should fit right in your hand.

Can You Listen to Radio on a Bluetooth Speaker?

Yes, you can. All of these speakers on this list have FM radio capabilities, meaning you just turn to your favorite station and listen. There are a few reasons this is awesome. For one, it has great sound quality, meaning that you can get better audio quality on these speakers than a traditional device. Another reason is because they are quite portable, especially if you get a smaller, durable unit.

However, what if you’re someone who has a Bluetooth speaker without radio? Can you still listen to the radio on it? Yes, you can. Your phone probably has an Internet radio option, and you can just plug your phone through an Aux input, or connect via Bluetooth, for it to work.

What Is the Best Bluetooth Speaker with FM?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. This post has five speakers that we believe work well to satisfy most needs. From portable speakers to home units, we’ve described all types of speakers.

With that said, don’t be afraid to shop around a little. Buying a speaker, especially one that is a little more expensive, is a commitment, and one you should not take lightly.

On a Budget? Try These:

The best Bluetooth speakers are usually not dirt cheap, but if you are on a low budget or want a cheap speaker as a backup, these should satisfy those needs.

#1 Budget: Wish Speakers

Wish is always a good place to go to if you need a cheap product even though it may be questionable in quality. While the speakers themselves cost around $6, it does have $10 shipping, so that’s why we put it under this category. These speakers surprisingly have good reviews, so check them out if you are on a low budget and can afford to wait a few weeks.

#2 Budget: Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

These are some cheap speakers sold by Newegg. While the seller has mixed reviews, it may be worth looking into if you need some on the cheap. Considering it’s under $11, we don’t expect anything amazing, but it may be worth it depending on your budget or what you need it for.

#3 Budget: Mini Portable Speaker

This is one cheap speaker. Seeing how it’s so cheap, we can’t attest to the sound quality or how long it stays charged for, but if you want to have a little extra speaker, you can’t go wrong. It seems like one of those products that’s too cheap to be true, but who knows? You may be surprised.

And there you have it. Three speakers that are cheap enough for all lower budgets. Good luck finding one for your budget.

Verdict: Your Best Bluetooth Speaker with Radio

There we have it. Now that we’ve blasted some of our favorites to you, we hope you found the best Bluetooth speakers for your situation. If you were too busy jamming out, here are the top 5 speakers once again.

First, there’s the Sony Portable Bluetooth Turner. This is a Bluetooth radio, giving you excellent sound, the ability to play CDs, and one that works well as an indoor or outdoor speaker. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth FM speaker, this one comes in the form of a traditional radio boombox, providing quality sound.

Second, we have the Bose Wave Soundtouch. This is not meant to be an outdoor speaker, but instead a luxurious wireless Bluetooth with full range, quality sound. Bose is known for their quality speakers. They are also known for their price. Therefore, you should buy this one only if you have the right budget for it.

The third in our list goes to the Retro Bluetooth Speaker. This is a fun little throwback, looking like something from the 1950s with modern conveniences, like quality sound and a rechargeable battery. It may feel a little gimmicky for some, but it does have quality, so check it out, especially if you have older relatives or people who love a good throwback.

Fourth, we have the Audiioo Speaker. This is a budget outdoor speaker. It’s able to take some blows, and it has excellent sound despite the price. If you are looking for a good portable speaker and you don’t have much money, this is one to consider.

Last, but not least, there’s the Xeneo X21. This is a speaker that’s small enough to fit in most backpacks and showers. It’s a great little Bluetooth speaker that has good sound and quality radio play despite its size.

And there you have it. Having a speaker you can take anywhere, with so many ways to listen to music, is quite convenient. A little bit of music works well for any situation. Whether you’re studying, partying, or enjoying the great outdoors, these Bluetooth speakers ensure the music never stops.

Having a great pair of speakers can make your life sound better. With that said, a speaker, portable or otherwise, should be something you choose wisely. Look through these speakers and see which work well for your situation.

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